SMART MX-V2/6000S/7000R Remote

SMART 1035792 Replacement Remote for GX-V2/MX-V2/6000S/7000R Series Displays

  • $34.99

Part Number: SMA-1035792

Genuine SMART 1035792 Replacement Remote for GX-V2, MX-V2, MX-V3, 6000S (not 6000) and 7000R series interactive monitors including:

  • SBID-GX065-V2
  • SBID-GX075-V2
  • SBID-GX086-V2
  • SBID-MX055-V2
  • SBID-MX065-V2
  • SBID-MX075-V2
  • SBID-MX086-V2
  • SBID-MX255-V2
  • SBID-MX265-V2
  • SBID-MX275-V2
  • SBID-MX286-V2
  • SBID-MX255-V3
  • SBID-MX265-V3
  • SBID-MX275-V3
  • SBID-MX286-V3
  • SBID-MX255-V4
  • SBID-MX265-V4
  • SBID-MX275-V4
  • SBID-MX286-V4
  • SBID-6265S
  • SBID-6275S
  • SBID-6286S
  • SBID-7275R
  • SBID-7286R


Note : The 1035792 replaces the SMART 1033964 which has been discontinued.

Any SPNL-6000 Series board does not have a remote nor is it compatible with this remote. Also not compatible with MX-V1. Please check model number before ordering. 

Customer Reviews

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Didn't work the Indicator light does not come on to show it is working it blink 1 time nothing else

Hi, Jonathan, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We'd be happy to process the return for you. It appears from our conversation over email, your Smartboard did not come with remote compatibility and your model number is not listed in our description. We have added more clarity to our description so that this doesn't happen in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

Peter Stoker

SMART 1035792 Replacement Remote for MX-V2/6000S/7000R Series Displays